Wellness Coaching

A Program To Fit Your Needs

  • An initial, complimentary consultation to discuss how coaching could help you
  • We will customize a schedule of coaching sessions to help you make the lifestyle changes you desire
  • Sessions can be in person or on phone/webcam
  • Focus is on learning and support to enable you to reach your goals at your own pace
  • I provide e-mail support between sessions
  • We share recipes and tips that are simple so you can easily eat well
  • Includes simple and informative handouts to increase your nutrition awareness
  • I give my personal commitment to your health and success

Vegetables for diet


Health & Body​/Relationships/Balance/Family/Career

When we work together, you will…

  • set goals that are important to you to achieve
  • accomplish those goals in a way that is simple and effective
  • attain or maintain your ideal weight
  • reduce cravings and increase your energy levels
  • enhance your personal relationships
  • discover new foods and ways to prepare them
  • gain the confidence to create the life you want
  • find balance





> Private Life Coaching

> Individuals and Groups

> Seminars & Workshops

> Telecourses