stop talking, START LIVING

Have you ever talked with a health professional about your health and felt they actually listened and heard your concerns?
Do you make resolutions or intentions to change habits and improve your lifestyle but find it hard to stick with those plans?

As a wellness coach, I offer a supportive environment to assist you in defining achievable goals. Then I support you in making gradual changes that become lifelong habits and allow you to reach your health goals. Together we determine the nutrition and lifestyle choices that best support you.

discover your GREATEST self

Each of us is unique. Even identical twins are individual, unique people! Are you being your own best self?

Working with a health and wellness coach provides support and encouragement for you to discover all the wonderful parts of your life that you may be missing.

You’ll find what works best for you and your unique self in food, exercise, relationships, work.

take control of YOUR life

What does it mean to engage with a wellness coach? It means you take charge of your choices, free of arbitrary rules that are hard to follow. It means finding what works for you, not for “them”. It means a happier, more satisfied approach to living your life. It means better health throughout your life. It means an end to yo-yo dieting and to the confusion of conflicting health claims.

Live Simple, Eat Well promotes your good health and life balance with simple techniques and guidance tailored to your unique goals.